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Jim Buoy Life Floats
USCG approved. Tough resilient vinyl surface, lightweight and requires less storage space than rafts of equal capacity. No exposed metal hardware. Solid closed cell plastic throughout. Will not rot or mildew.
Available sizes
model Capacity Length Width Sec. Dia. Ship Weight
1206T 6 50 1/2" 36 1/2" 8 1/2" 23 lbs.
1208T 8 51" 37" 9" 25 lbs.
1210T 10 63" 37" 9" 30 lbs.
1212T 12 78" 37" 9" 38 lbs.
1215T 15 64" 48" 12 1/2" 50 lbs.
1222T 22 100" 48" 12 1/2" 70 lbs.
Order Description:
Jim Buoy Life Floats

(Please specify size when ordering)
Jim Buoy Stainless Painter
Stainless steel cage with 100 ft. of poly rope and breakaway link. Meets USCG requirement 160.073 for commercial fishing vessels. Order Description:
Stainless Painter
(Please specify size)

Avilable in the following sizes:
6-10 man, 11-20 man or 21+ man.
Breakaway Link for Life Floats
Stainless steel replacement breakaway link for Jim Buoy stainless painters. Order Description:
Breakaway Link
(Please specify size)

Available in the following sizes: 6-10 man, 11-20 man, and 21+ man.
Inflable Solas and Coastal Pack Survival Life Rafts
Revere OceanMaster Raft  USCG and SOLAS Approved
Meeting the needs of all types of commercial craft, the OceanMaster range comprises of two different models: standard throw-over and davit-launched. These rafts come in a variety of sizes accommodating 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, 16, 20 and 25 persons.

Every raft comes packed in a weatherproof container to keep the raft drier and better protected for longer service life. The container is secured to a galvanized steel deck-mounted stowage space-saving low profile fiberglass container and cradle assembly available for 4, 6 and 8 person OceanMaster liferafts.
Revere SeaMaster Rafts USCG Approved
Revere's SeaMaster offers double buoyancy chambers manufactured from a specially formulated polyurethane (PU) proofed nylon fabric. This fabric is highly resistant to abrasion and impervious to corrosion in the marine environment. Far more durable than rubber-based fabrics, the reduced need for repairs results in considerable savings in servicing costs. Welded seams, significantly stronger than glued seams, give the raft an extremely rugged construction. All 8-man SeaMaster liferafts include a boarding ramp.

A lightweight, waterproof, durable valise is available for all sizes of SeaMaster liferafts. Valises are made of a high-visibility material. When packed, the valise design and shape make it easy to launch the raft overboard. A space saving low profile fiberglass container is also available for all SeaMaster liferafts. The container is secured to an aluminum deck-mounted stowage cradle with a hydrostatic release allowing for both manual and automatic deployment.